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More and more business owners are accessing capital backed by the Small Business Administration, providing capital at rates and terms compatible with your business.

SBA Funds can be used for any these purposes:

  • Working Capital – Business Debt Consolidations – Business Debt Refinancing
  • Equipment Purchase – Partner Buyouts Renovations – Business Acquisitions
  • Commercial Real Estate – Ground up Construction and many more….

Our clients typically want two things; SBA Loan Terms and Immediate Funding. SBA Loans are currently taking 2-3 months to fund. It’s our goal, if required, to bridge you short term funds. For short-term capital, LOC’s and Term Loans many business owners turn to Alternative Financing solutions.

SBA Capital provides expert advice with a fast, simple, convenient application process for both SBA and Alternative business loan products. We will guide you through the process and stick with you until you have received financing.

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Small Business Administration (SBA):

SBA (7A) and 504 (CDC) loans are business loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. With multiple funding programs, this government agency provides SBA loan guarantees through an SBA-approved Banks

Term Loan:

A term loan is amount of capital that is repaid in regular fixed monthly payments over a set period of time. Term loans can be stretched to 5-year payment terms, with amounts caping at 500K. We provide a quick easy application process.

Equipment Financing:

Capital required to secure Equipment typically offers monthly payments with terms not exceeding 60 Months. Loan processing within 5 days or less and quick credit decisions for up to $500k.

Unsecured Short-Term Loans:

Funding based on receivables with money in as little as 24hrs. Our short-term loans are structured for an immediate cash flow increase, ranging from 1-24 months with fixed daily, weekly or monthly payments.

Line of Credit:

A business line of credit is a financing instrument that provides flexibility not found with a traditional term loan. Our lines provide up to $100k for your business. Our Line of Credit is flexible and you only pay interest on what you draw.

Collateralized Lending:

Working Capital Secured to Real Property: Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Raw land. With terms up to (5) years and fixed monthly payments collateralized interest rates are typically superior than traditional loans.


My SBA Expert is fully committed to assisting businesses across the nation who need access to SBA Business Capital. With so much at stake it’s important to know there are dedicated resources in place to help you navigate the application process. With much uncertainty ahead (changes are fluid), one of our missions is to keep our ears to the ground so adjustments are precise and businesses are funded in a timely manner.

Every member of our team understands and appreciates the hard work and sacrifice embedded in each small business we work with. These same entrepreneurial attributes formed the culture that My SBA Capital Expert has embraced over the years. The opportunity to engage small businesses across the country, those looking to fill a void or provide a unique service, is truly our passion. Our goal is to provide expert guidance at all cost, our mission; help every business owner we meet secure the capital they need to grow and thrive for years to come.